All images on this site are © Toby Houlton and must not be used without permission Interested in an image? Please contact me using the contact link on the navigation bar 17.10.10 - Article added giving my opinions on using a 300mm f2.8 with converters   as an alternative to a large prime lens 02.11.10 - Hare images added to the Mammals Gallery and My Favourites page added 04.11.10 - More bird images added plus the first Insects images added to the gallery 30.11.10 - More bird images added to Gallery 2 and 3 including Snow Bunting and Goldcrest 12.12.10 - Waxwing and Redwing images added to bird gallery3. It was difficult light to shoot in but hopefully these still show the best of the birds. 29.12.10 - More bird images added to Bird Gallery 3 and incredible Bittern images added to start Bird Gallery 4. 31.01.11 - More bird images added to Bird Gallery 4 including turnstones and my first image of a brambling. 10.2.11 - Equipment page added and basic guestbook facility included. I’m looking into how to keep this inside my own pages but in meantime please feel free to leave any comments or feedback 13.2.11 - More bird images added to Bird Gallery 4 which includes Barn Owl and some beautiful sunset pictures of birds returning to the roost. 19.2.11 - It’s such an awful day weatherwise that I’ve spent it putting up a recipe and images on how to make your own fat / suet treats for your garden birds in the Articles area. 02.05.11 - Finally pulled my finger out and added more images to the galleries. Check out Birds Gallery 4 for new images of Siskin, Red Kites, Brambling and others and also Birds Gallery 5 for images of Linnets Buntings and Warblers and much more. Also added to the Butterflies gallery and finally added an image to the Landscapes Gallery. Enjoy! 17.6.11  - Following feedback I will be changing the mixed Bird Galleries into specific galleries for certain families of bird and will be adding lots of new images within the next week or so. Please excuse the mix and match while this is going on and the existing galleries are dissolved into the new ones. 25.6.11 - I have added a Lastest Images gallery to make it easier to find my latest work. Bird Gallery 3 has now been dissolved into the bird category galleries. 23.7.11 - I’ve been really lucky to have a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker visiting my garden. I’ve grabbed a few shots which have been added to the Latest Images gallery. 02.8.11 - Bird Gallery 2 has now been split between the bird category galleries. I’ve also added more recent images including Foxcub, Jay, Swallow, Whitethroat and another Lesser Spotted Woodpecker image. Hope you like. 25.9.11 - Just tried to put more images in the latest images gallery and the software has had a spasm. Please bear with me while I try to work out how to get it to deal with so many images. At this point Xara Web Designer 6 is top of my hate list. Doh! 13.10.11 - I’ve managed to resolve the issues with the web software and have had to split the site into two parts. This should be invisible to any visitors, however you may find the odd broken link while I tidy it up. Please feel free to mail me and let me know if you find problems. I’ve also removed the last Birds generic gallery and moved the images into the specific galleries. 13.10.11 - More images added to the Latest Images Gallery - including Little Egrets, Wheatear Linnets and Knot 21.11.11 - More images added to the Latest Images Gallery - including Golden Plover, Migrant Hawker, Gulls with Mussells and lots more.. 11.2.12 - Finally got round to adding some of the first images of 2012. I hope this keeps certain people at work who tell me off for not updating happy!. Lots added to the Latest Images Gallery - including Barn owl, Bittern, Water Rail and Hares to mention just a few. Still more to come which I intend processing and posting over the next few days. Enjoy! 20.03.12 - More images added to the Latest Images Gallery - I’ve been trying hard to get Barn owl shots and have been relatively successful. Also of note, after messing up a chance of getting some great Stoat shots (no, we don’t get it right every time!) I went back to try again and had a fantastic day sqeaking at stoats. Try it, it helps! Also managed my first Chiff Chaff of the year whilst hunting for those elusive hares. Hope you like. As always if you have any feedback then either contact me via the mail link or better still use the guestbook, all comments appreciated. 20.5.12 - I’ve had lots going on recently. So many images to process and so little time. I’m sure any photographer will be familiar with this. This update I have added lots of wood land bird images along with some great shots of a Sparrowhawk from my garden and images from a recent Dungeness trip (Wren, Marsh harrier, Sparrowhawk). All in Latest Images Gallery Next update will include images from the Black Headed Gulls colony at Rye Harbour, Whitethroats with nesting material and images that show just how much the birds in your garden LOVE live mealworms. Fingers crossed also for entries I’ve submitted to the British Wildlife Photography Awards 7.8.12 - Finally uploaded an article about my trip to the Isle of Mull in June this year. Hopefully anyone interested in visiting Mull will find the article helpful. Browse to it via the Articles area in the menu bar or jump to it via this link - Mull Trip Report 21.8.12 - Images added to the Latest Images Gallery including Badgers, Fox and pictures of the juvenile Jays that have been visiting recently. 15.10.12 - Images added to the Latest Images Gallery including Blackbirds, Robins and a couple of landscape shots from Rye. Also a couple of macro images taken in the recent sun. 15.10.12 - I’ve been concentrating on my garden birds again (no surprise there!). I always put out plenty of food and this year, due to the very poor acorn crop, I’ve been adding peanuts scattered on the ground for the hungry Jays that visit. As you can see this is quite successful. I’ve also been putting out apples again and was very pleased to get a visit from a feamle Blackcap. Go to the Latest Images Gallery to seem them. 13.01.13 - My first images have been added to the Latest Images Gallery. A trip out on new years day saw some luck with the Barn Owl and a reasonable sunrise. Shame about the idiot that brought a dog into the hide. IT’s called a HIDE for a reason, thanks for being selfish. PPlease visit my NEW WEBSITE at the following address / link -